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July Club Meeting

July 26, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 9:00am and the minutes from June were approved. Treasurer's Report showed an ending balance of $2555.09.

Under old business, we accepted the resignation of William Purkey as president. William moved to Clemmons, NC but will still be an active member of our club. Thank you William for all you service to this club.

The new president is Rodney Joslin and Thom E Metz is the new vice president.

Robert Underwood advised us that the exhibit at Mendenhall Plantation was a success. ONSD will make a $50 donation to the Mendenhall Planation. Shawn Rogers invited us to come back.

We welcomed new member, Gerald Reel from Lexington, NC

The 50/50 raffle earned the club $22.00. Mal Kaplan was the winner.

A suggestion was made to have a "class" to learn how to use your metal detector.

It was also suggested to see if there is someone who sells metal detectors to teach a class on how to use them.

A suggestion was made to put a "chat site" on our website. This way the members have a way to hook up with someone to hunt with. 

We had a "round table" discussion which was very informative. We concluded that we need new places to hunt for the club and for the members to please look for hunt sites.

The name tag winner was Carole Kaplan and she won a silver half dollar.

Mac and Jim found a Navy belt plate to be donated to the Naval Academy at the Annapolis Museum .  Article in the American Diggers magazine.   Never been seen.  Only speculation on it.

Monthly Meeting

Hello, ONSD Members,
The meeting Saturday, July 26, 2014 will be held in a round table format. I have two topics of discussion. 
The first topic will be to talk about what members expect from the club and how we can improve those benefits to retain and attract members. 
The second topic will be a discussion on best practices for finding hunt locations. 
Please come prepared to discuss these as a group and remember to wear your name tag for a chance to win a silver half dollar!
                           Agenda for the July 26 ONSD Meeting
Old Business
50/50 raffle
9:00 a.m.,  Call to Order
Approval of minutes
Secretary;s Report
Treasurer's Report
New Business
Program:  Round Table Discussion
50/50 raffle results
Name tag prize winner.
President's Comments - 
Reminder:  wear your name tag.  A Walking Liberty silver half-dollar will be presented to someone who is wearing their badge.

What We Do

The Old North State Detectorists
is an association of ethical metal detecting hobbyists

Located in the Piedmont-Triad area of central North Carolina

We will search your yard or homestead to find and recover lost items and relics. Have you found something and are just curious what it is? Contact us!

Metal Detecting is our hobby. The fact that you can't predict what you'll find every time you hunt makes metal detecting fun and rewarding. Some items uncovered might include nails, discarded pieces of iron and wire, keys, bottle caps, shotgun shell casings, jar lids of all  types, and pulltabs, which we call trash or junk. Then there are times you will locate some sort of jewelry item or clad coin and occasionally that treasured old silver coin or historical artifact.

Call us if you've lost that wedding ring or jewelry in the yard or lake. Our members have a multitude of different styles of land & water metal detector machines to search lawns, gardens, underwater locations near shore, and boat docks. Deep ground searches up to 30 feet in depth can be performed with our 2-box style deep seeking detector. While searching your property, metal trash such as old rusted nails, bits of lead, aluminum, and iron will be removed at no charge.

Call William Purkey at 336-855-7034 or email wwpurkey@aol.com

We help the Archaeology folks too...

See our Historical & Archaeological Work page for locations where the Old North State Detectorists have helped locate, recover, and preserve history for future generations.

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